Petit Orange at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Our novelty Petit Orange (winner of IPM Innovation Award 2017) will be displayed at this years RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 in the Great Pavilion. Petit Orange is nominated in the category; Plant of the Year for Floral Exhibitors. 

Here at Graff Breeding we are overwhelmed to be accepted into the category. 

Petit Orange (2260).jpg

HibisQs® Petit™ is a newly developed type of Hibiscus, characterized with a lot of small, beautiful and conspicuous flowers. Breed towards the modern consumers who want a more minimalist but still exotic product to their urban lifestyle, inside as well as outside. HibisQs® Petit™ is not just characterized by smaller flowers – at least as important are the unique flowers willingness that characterizes Petit™. HibisQs® Petit™ loves and needs light - and should therefore be placed in a bright spot, giving the HibisQs® Petit™ its daily gleam of sunshine.


RHS Chelsea Flower Show is charity show that promote the best within gardening and help those in need. For more information about RHS and RHS Chelsea Flower show visit;