HibisQs® is the registered and protected Trademark for the unique series of improved genetics within the Hibiscus assortment. The unique HibisQs® series is only produced by the leading Hibiscus growers around the world. The new range of HibisQs® has been developed by the skilled employees of the Hibiscus breeding company Graff Breeding® A/S with a "helping hand" of the magnificent Mother Nature.


 Q-ismas Star® by Graff Kristensen A/S are a unique selection of Poinsettias from Graff Breeding A/S. They are more unique and trendy but still related to the traditional Christmas flower used for holiday decoration and gifts.

Q-genetics® is the registered and protected Trademark for the Breeding Company Q-genetics® ApS. As the Trademark shows, we are a breeding company, working with uniQue, Quality and feminine flower genetics, constantly working towards our goal "Breeding targeting the consumers desires".

Q-iRose® is the registered and protected trademark for the unique series of new and improved genetics within the Rose assortment. The new range of Q-iRoses® has been developed by the skilled employees of the Rose Company Broloekke ApS and Q-genetics® ApS with the goal to develop a series of Unique Miniature Q-iRose® that will catch the curiosity of the consumers.

Royalty Administration International® and Graff Breeding®

Graff Breeding® A/S is very happy to announce, that we have joined a strong partnership with Royalty Administration International®. We feel this partnership will bring us the best advises, coaching and networking possibilities, and we are convinced that the knowledge and experience from Royalty Administration International® will help us improve the strength and ability needed to succeed as a Global Breeding company.


Royalty Administration International® are managing all contracts, licensees and control the HibisQs® production worldwide.