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Q-deville® is a new and improved series of dipladenia/ Mandeville which is known for its garden performances and its ability to stay compacted under normal growing. Graff Breeding have been working with dipladenia Mandeville for more than 7 years and now feel we have the varieties to start our own series called Q-Seville®.

Through the years dipladenia Mandeville have been seen as a plant that creates beautiful and colourful flowers but the plant itself stretches. This is what Graff Breeding are trying to change with Q-deville®. Through breeding within dipladenia mandevilla we are targeting;

  • Natural compact varieties (stills have varieties for vining - just ask)

  • Varieties that are stiff and upright in their growth - no need for support

  • Big colorful and decorated buds and flowers

  • Plants that can handle the hard summer in warm areas (Spain, Japan, Florida) and the mild climate in the northern part (Canada, Scandinavia), and still be able to beautiful till the end of season / September & October


Continuous flowering

All Q-deville® varieties have been selected on their ability to continuous to flower through out the season. All our plants have been tested for outside use in 3 contents (Europe, America and Asia).


Q-deville Young Plant

For a start we will be able to supply the natural compact dipladenia varieties that perform excellent at warmer temperature both inside and outside as pot plants. For the coming years we will increase our series with different selections such as; vining type, small flowering and what the coming market trends.

2019 will be our first official test year and we expect to be in full production for 2020.