Q-genetics® ApS

Q-genetics® ApS is a new breeding company founded and own by both Graff Breeding A/S and Broloekke ApS. Q-genetics ApS was founded in 2014 as an independent Breeding Company, with the main focus on; breeding, R&D and marketing new improved genetics of primarily miniature Roses and other vegetative propagated plants.

Breeding Roses is not a new area for one of the owners (Broloekke ApS) the company has since the 90's, in cooperation with leading breeders, been working and developing colorful and longer lasting Roses.

Q-genetics® ApS is an innovative company with a vision, desire and philosophy to develop longer lasting Roses with high consumer value. The mission of Q-genetics® ApS is like its sister company Graff Breeding® A/S: "Breeding targeting the consumers desires".