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Graff Breeding® A/S

Tel.: +45 8745 3330
Viborgvej 717
8471 Sabro
VAT nr.: 29208565

Nordea Bank A/S
SKT. Clemens torv 2-6
8000 Aarhus C

Nørrebrogade 34-36
8000 Aarhus C

Sommervej 31 C
8210 Aarhus V

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Poul Graff, CEO

Nethe Stensgaard, Breeder

Helle Graff, Marketing & Finance

Jacob Graff, Sale & IT

Signe Værbak, R&D Manager

Erik Graff Kristensen, Developer

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Graff Breeding® is based on "having consumer value" as the main breeding vision

Our goals for consumer values are:

  • Varieties being described with one word only - joy! Especially when the beautiful, ornamental buds grow bigger and finally explode into a colorful painting of flowering delight.

  • Varieties where the single flower last from 3 to 5 days - called "HibisQs® LongiFlora™".

  • Varieties that keeps on flowering month after month, year after year, when placed in a bright sunny spot in the homes of the consumers.

All our work has been based on a segmented market approach, where we seek partnership with highly skilled nurseries and professional outlets. Our primary aim is to bring novelties to the market - that has the capability to fulfill the expectations of the modern consumer. To meet these goals - we invite our partners (nurseries as well as outlets) and private groups of consumers to our annual "Selection Days".  This gives our breeders the possibility to implement professional and private expectation and needs in the early selecting process.

Production & Marketing

To assure optimal quality and control of supply and demand, contracts based on partnership are being negotiated with all partners.

Only producers and nurseries who can meet the high quality standards, will be allowed to produce or sell the Graff Breeding A/S genetics, after signing our Non Propagation Agreement. All genetic material will be delivered as Un-rooted cuttings, rooted cutting / liners or pre-finished from Graff Kristensen A/S or partners.

All varieties are protected by Breeders Right - No self propagation of Graff Breeding®  / HibisQs® /Q-ismas Star® / Q-deville® varieties is allowed!